High quality scans of the pages of the Quran

As of 2009/08/18 we also have the Indo-Pak script version of the Qur'an scanned. It is available in the IndoPak directory as .zip files and also as individual pages. Each page is 1200x1800 pixels in size. This 2:3 ratio compresses well on the iPhone or iPod touch, whose display size is 320x480 pixels. The images are organized by approximate Juz, which can be represented as albums on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

We have two versions of the scanned pages of the Othmani script for now: The originals are the 600 dpi JPEG scans of the full pages, cropped to a size of 2550x3500 pixels.

The iPhone directory has each original page in the Othmani script resized and cropped to remove the border, a page number displayed (in English) and also has an effect on the right and left edge that indicate whether it's on the right side of the book or the left. These images are also sized 1200x1800 pixels.

All images are named as nnn.jpg, where nnn is the page number. The pages of the prolog and epilog are also included (as p*.jpg and e*.jpg). In the iPhone directory, they are in the Prolog and Epilog subdirectories.

In each directory we also have a 'tar' and 'zip' subdirectory that contain .tar and .zip archives for quick download.

If you would like crops and resizes of different sizes for any reason, please let me know. I'll try to honor all reasonable requests. This copy of the Qur'an is in the Othmani script.